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   Information in the family property =>Central Bank issued and solemnly declared RMB appreciate by 2% Put in right place in one step.

   Thoroughly analyze the Chinese steel industrial policy.

   Question and answer of Central Bank: Why improve the reform of RMB exchange rate forming mechanism.

   RMB appreciated from date 21, the exchange rate no longer keeps a close watch on the single dollar currency.

   General knowledge: Steel theory weight computing technology.

   Beijing BOCOG: ^Bird Nest ̄ all adopts the domestic steel.

   No.1 Iron and Steel Co. participates in the development of magnetic iron ore in Australia by shares of 120 million A$.

   Strategic tide steel industry of big groups.

   Hu Jin Tao: It is a great strategic question that the energy plays an important part in overall situation of China's economy.

   Luo Bing Sheng proposes setting up 30 million tons of large-scale iron and steel enterprises by dividing the area.

   The international steel market running analysis of the third quarter .

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