Our company specializes in producing all kinds of short cylindrical roller bearings and related non-standard bearings registered as "FLB". Our products are widely used in automobile gearbox, automobile bridge, diesel engine, motor, construction machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery and agricultural machinery. The company produces and sells about 1.5 million sets of bearings annually.

At present, the maximum outer diameter of short cylindrical roller bearings produced by our company is 130mm.

Production models include NJ204 - NJ215E, NJ2204 - NJ2215E, NJ304 - NJ312E, NJ2304 - NJ2312E, NJ405 - NJ410 and related non-standard models.

Production product series includes N, NJ, NU, NUP, NF, NCL, RN, RNU and other deformation series.

Product categories include full rollers, type B iron cages, iron frame solid cages, copper frame solid cages and nylon cages.

The approximate product models are as follows:

(1)NJ204, NJ204E, NJ204ECP, NU204; NJ205, NJ205E, NJ205ECP, NUP205E, NUP205ECP, NUP205EM, N205, RNU205, RN205M; NJ206, NJ206E, NJ206ECP, NJ206EM, NU206, NU206E, NUP206E, RN206M, NCL206V; NJ207, NJ207E, NU207E, NUP207E, RN207M; NJ208, NJ208E, NU208, NU208E, NUP208E, N208, NF208E, RNU208; NJ209E, NJ209ECP, NUP209E, NF209E; NJ210E, NJ210EM, NU 210E, NUP210E, NUP210EN, NUP210ENV, NF210E; NJ211E, NU211E, NF211E, NUP211E; NJ212E, NJ212ECP, NU212E, NUP212E; NJ213E, NU213E, NUP213E; NJ214E, NU214E, NUP214E, NJ215E, NU215E, NUP215E. ETC.

(2)NJ2204E; NJ2205E; NJ2205E, NJ2205ECP, NU2205EV, NUP2205ENV; NJ2206E, NJ2206EM, NU2206E, NU2206E, NUP2206E; NJ2207E, NU2207EM, NUP2207E; NJ2208E, NU2208E, NU2208E, NUP2208E, NUP2208EM 2208EM; NJ2209E, NU2209E, NU2209E, NU2209E, NUP2209E, NUP2209E; NJ2210ENEN, NU2210E, NU2210E, NUP2210E, NUP2210E, NUP2210EM 2211E, NUP2211E; NJ2212E, NUP2212E; NJ2213E, NUP2213E; NJ2214E; NJ2215E; ETC.

(3)NJ304E, NU304E, NUP304E; NJ305, NJ305E, NJ305ECP, NU305, N305, NUP305E; NJ306, NJ306E, NU306, NU306E, NUP306E, NUP306EM; NJ307, NJ307E, NJ307EV, NUP307ENV, NUP307E, NUP307EN, RN307M; NJ308E, NJ308EV, NU308E, NUP308E, NUP308EM, NUP308ENV, NUP308EN; NJ309E, NU309E, NUP309EM, NUP309ENV, NUP309EN, NF309E; NJ310E, NU310E, NUP310E, NUP310ENV; NJ311E, NUP311E; NJ312E, NUP312E; ETC.

(4)RNU2304ECP, NJ2304ECP, NJ2304E; NJ2305E, NU2305E, NUP2305E; NJ2306E, NU2306E, NUP2306E; NJ2307E, NU2307E; NJ2308E, NU2308E, NUP2308E; NJ2309E, NU2309E, NUP2309E; NJ2310E, NU2311E; NJ2311E, NU2312E; ETC.

(5) CG532505UEY; RNU31/20ENV; NJ305V/YA3, NJ3K/28AV; 6-92705; 6-592708; 2402.80-090; 2907; F48548; F45818; F45814; F45226; F45087; MU7307UM, MUB1307UM; NJ305X2; 42708K; NJ405; NJ407; NJ409; NJETC.

(6)For non-standard models, see the product size list for details.

At the same time, you are welcome to visit our company and contact us for business. We sincerely hope that you and I can cooperate effectively. Our company will provide you with first-class products and comprehensive services.